July 1st Tru2way Deadline

Tru2Way is what us cablecard users have been begging and waiting for, as it will finally give us 2-way communication with the cable company through cablecard, and thus allow us to take advantage of Video-On-Demand, PPV, and many more features that are not possible with the one-way current cablecards. Of course, this will all require new hardware with updated software…and as the blog post mentions, even though the deadline was today, not much has changed/arrived.

Zatz Not Funny

Today is the day that many of the large cable operators agreed to be ready to support tru2way-enabled CE devices. In a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed last year with major CE companies, the cablecos agreed to support tru2way so that retail devices could be plugged in to a cable network and receive two-way services – not just downstream video delivery, but also upstream services like VOD. Unfortunately, operators haven’t quite met the deadline. Support is improving, but it’s not nearly at 100%.