ASUS My Cinema EHD3-100 Dual Hybrid TV Card Review


 Not the most Media Center focused review in the world, but hey, it’s something! I am still amused that companies like ASUS continue to invest money into their own TV software. In this case it integrates to the Vista sidebar. With so many other HTPC software options, just curious why even bother with something so few people use.

Think Computers

The My Cinema EHD3-100 is bundled with Cyberlink’s TV Enhance, which is a complete multimedia software setup. It installed along with the EHD3-100’s drivers. It seemed to work ok, but I was unable to get programming information with it. I really wanted to use it rather than Windows Media Center, because so many readers are resistant to using Vista. I set up Windows Media Center, setup went smooth and all programming information showed up, so WMC it is!