ASUS Maximus II Gene micro-ATX motherboard review


This board is a little different than most "HTPC-specific" motherboards, but sometimes people are looking for a hybrid system to power games as well as media center content, and this board is a beast in a smaller micro-ATX chassis. If you need smaller though, I’m sure a mini-ITX board will eventually come out with at least some of these features.


Elite Bastards

The dimensions of the Maximus II Gene mirror those of the Rampage II Gene perfectly, in keeping with the board’s micro-ATX form factor, but despite that small size the overall layout of this particular motherboard is virtually impeccable. The only potential issue you may run into here is a dual-slot CrossFire graphics board configuration blocking off the on-board power and reset buttons, but even this isn’t too big a deal in the grand scheme of things – That aside, everything is easy to get to even if you’re looking to pack out the system with hardware.