More CableCARD Information | From Velocity Micro

My main man Chris Lanier posts some nice "inside" information from Velocity Micro, with some new information regarding cable cards. No matter how many times I see #2, it still always brings a tear to my eye.

  • PC
    OEM’s don’t have to pay a bunch of fees to Cable Labs. Licensing fees and
    other stuff was taken care of by AMD/ATI for their tuner.
  • You
    can’t build your own CableCARD system.
  • Have
    to sign an agreement with Microsoft and then send a compliance letter to
    Cable Labs.
  • Going
    to have to have special Vista COA's that have keys for digital cable.
  • BIOS
    has to be modified to identify the PC as a digital cable ready system
  • Customer's
    system will dial into CableLabs servers to authenticate that the key from
    Microsoft is in an acceptable range and will tell them which manufacturer
    it came from (every 90 days to verify that it's authorized)
  • CableLabs,
    two tuners is the limit.
  • If you
    buy a system that is “Digital Cable Ready” and compliant, if you can get
    your hands on a TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner – it SHOULD work just fine.  You just have to find someone that
    actually is going to sell the tuner itself.

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