Toshiba readies desktop HD DVD drive

As evident by an active forum discussion going on, its about time we see some HD DVD lovin on the desktop\HTPC. Considering Sony has had its burner available for the PC market for quite awhile, its somewhat surprising to see Toshiba lag behind. Of course, there are more then a few of us that will be waiting for the dual format drives to drop in price :).

From the article:

The desktop version, which the company will show at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next week, will begin
shipping in volume in February. Pricing was not released.

layer HD DVD provides 30GB of storage capacity. That's enough to store
up to eight hours of HD DVD movies with extended cuts and interactive
features, or up to five full-length standard DVD films. More than 1.5
million HD DVD movies have been sold since April 2006, according to
Toshiba. Users could also store up to 7,500 MP3 songs or 30,000
high-quality images.

Seven of the 10 largest original equipment manufacturers of notebook and desktop PCs have adopted the standard, according
to Toshiba.