Yamaha MusicCast MCX-2000 Music Server

If you already have a PC with a hard drive, there are some very cheap devices that can distribute you music around the home for you. Although, they certainly don't have the look and feel of a more professional product. I was pretty impressed by what the Yamaha offered in terms of network support. It handles Internet radio, podcasts, XM Radio and of course any music you may have on your PC.

From the article:

While these capabilities are excellent to have,
especially for custom installers, the clients are truly designed for remote
access to your archived music (the music ripped to the MCX-2000's hard
drive). You can have up to five wireless and ten wired clients accessing MP3
music from the server at the same time (PCM tracks, due to their size and
bandwidth requirements can only be accessed by a single client at a time).
You can browse through your library as you would on the MCX-2000. The
included remote control allows you to navigate the menus and control the
clients from anywhere in the room, but as with the main unit, the best way
to do this is by connecting the clients to an external video display. Each
client has the ability to create its own bookmark list, which can then be
accessed from any other client on the MusicCast network. These bookmark
lists can be converted to playlists just like on the MCX-2000 unit.