Crestron News Releases

Remote Shoppe has several Crestron press releases today. Crestron introduces a two way iPod interface: Link Crestron introduces the CEN-IDOC, the first 2-way iPod interface, truly replicating the iPod experience on any Crestron touchpanel. Integrating the iPod into home audio systems is one of the hottest trends in the industry. Until now, consumers were unable to manage their music libraries, […]

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Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard Review


I remember when this device was first shown, it was so slick & sleek, I wanted one, but just couldn't justify spending $200 on a keyboard (with some mouse functions, sure). Well, maybe this review will convince you to splurge on a late Christmas present. Pricing aside I can honestly say there is little to complain about with this keyboard […]

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Synology – DS-106E NAS Server Review


Storage is something we all need more of, kinda like money 😛 Well, NASes have gained a lot of popularity in the last year, and Synology (who?) have come out with a NAS that allows you to install whatever size HD you please. Not bad to drop a 750gb in there & let it stream to your heart's content. But […]

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DIY Hardware News

Welcome to today's edition of DIY Hardware News. If you see something I have missed, feel free to post it in the comments or go ahead and submit it to news <at> bit-tech: 2006 Awards Futurelooks: ECS KA3 MVP Extreme Digital Trends: MP3 Players under 300 dollars XFX GF 8800 GTX Pro Clockers: Scythe Any Samurai CPU Cooler […]

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TV Compass LCD Remote


I gotta agree with Engadget that we'll probably see this at CES. That's what I love about this time of year, you get to hear about all these cool toys soon to come. And looks like it's gonna provide a healthy dish of remotes for everyone's liking. …which takes a few Windows Mobile interface cues, mixes in some WiFi and […]

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The HDTV Dilemma:Pay for TiVo’s Recorder

Wall Street Journal goes into a little analysis regarding whether one should pay for TiVo or use the cable company's DVR boxes. Kinda common sense really, TiVo better be better for $600 box & $13/mo compared to the Cable Co's $10/mo fee. And it is, but is it *that* much better to balance out the cost? Hopefully it at least […]

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Zgiga TV Turns You Living Room into Modern Art


This is a really neat gadget, assuming of course you have the budget for it. Price isn't mentioned in the article nor on the product's page, but I'd imagine it'd be up there. If your 42-inch plasma isn't getting enough oohs and ahhs from your neighbors, maybe this will. The Zgiga TV 2 is a hyrbid TV/shelf unit that combines […]

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Belkin’s Cable-Free USB Hub


I'm really not sure the demand for this type of device, but I'm not surprised to hear that it has speed issues over wireless. Plus, are you really going to trust your backup USB hard drive to backup all your files without a hitch through this? How patient are you going to be just to have this wireless? Oh, yeah, […]

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