Windows Vista “Capable” and “Premium-Ready” System Requirements

Planning on upgrading to Vista? Well, your system better be up to par according to Microsoft. The requirements here are pretty overwhelming, as even with the Vista-Capable, you need 512mb of Ram!!!  Windows Vista Capable modern processor (min. 800MHz) 512MB system memory DirectX 9-capable graphics processor Windows Vista Premium-Ready 1GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor 1GB system memory Support […]

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Klipsch Synergy Sub10 Powered Subwoofer


I think it's good to see separate components for stereos still being popular. It's so easy for people to see HTIB (Home Theater's In a Box) and think they're great because of their price. But they can't compete with a properly built home theater with receiver & speakers. Don't judge me because I live in a small apt so only […]

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Consumer Expectation for Digital Experiences


Interesting analysis based on what consumers are expecting from the digital lifestyle. My favorite part is that most people leave a website's homepage within 8 seconds…so if you're reading this…STAY!!!!! In summary, Forrester believes that consumer expectations for digital experiences are built on three fundamental elements — appeal to their emotions, provide easy access, and offer useful value. Apparently, it's […]

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Media Center Show Extra #5

Ian's got out his latest of his video add-on to his weekly Media Center Show podcast, so check it out if you want to see some of what he's discussed in action. On this on the all Vista show I will be taking a look at mceBackup 2.0 my backup tool for Media Center, Big Screen Headlines a RSS reader […]

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Onix Strata Mini Floor-Standing Speakers

Home Theater And High Fidelity has the Onix Strata speakers up on the old test bench this week. Interestingly enough, each speaker includes a 8"  350 watt powered 8" subwoofer on each speaker. The speakers seem to garner a great review from the reviewer. The MSRP is currently $1500 and will go up after the new year to just under […]

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Pre-built MythTV PVRs

Are you itchin for a taste of the open source media center world? Thankfully, PVR Wire has the cure that ails that nasty rash. Well, if you were out with the questionable girl from down the street, there isn't much any of us can do. For a farily reasonable price, Monolith will build a you a pretty respectable setup with […]

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Get the Best Picture From Your HDTV

If your friends are too cheap to have their HDTV's professionally calibrated, and don't want to buy an HDTV Calibration DVD…then they shouldn't have bought an HDTV! Just kidding! 🙂 But lucky for them, people are here to help with some useful problems & solutions for HDTV Owners. Just about everyone has had the experience of visiting friends or relatives […]

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Soundgraph’s Front View to compete with SideShow


If you haven't heard about SideShow, it's Microsoft's new feature within Vista that will allow hardware manufacturers to design remotes & devices that can interface with your MCE seamlessly. Well, not to be left behind, Soundgraph (makers of the Imon VFD & Remote a lot of us have used) have announced Front View which will be a similar feature with […]

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