Pre-built MythTV PVRs

Are you itchin for a taste of the open source media center world? Thankfully, PVR Wire has the cure that ails that nasty rash. Well, if you were out with the questionable girl from down the street, there isn't much any of us can do. For a farily reasonable price, Monolith will build a you a pretty respectable setup with MythTV as its PVR.

From the article:


The MonolithMC HD is the top of the range Monolith MythTV
media center designed for High Definition video. It features an analog tuner for
recording satellite or digital cable, and a digital tuner for recording OTA and
QAM channels in HD format. It also features a DVI cable for connection to a
HDTV, a 500GB hard drive and Digital S/PDIF outputs for 5.1 Dolby Digital sound.
The MonlithMC HD costs $999 plus shipping.