Thermaltake Mozart TX Entertainment Center


Definitely a very unique case here from Thermaltake. I consider it…like the Winnebago of cases, as it can do basically everything anybody could ever need a computer to be…at least twice! But judge for yourself if this gigantic case is worthy of your living room. Even an optional 7" LCD…if that's your sort of thing. …I do like the idea, […]

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Lian Li PC-C30A HTPC Case


Maybe I'm alone here, but personally I don't like the look of Lian Li HTPC cases. They're so well built, I just can't understand why they choose such bland faceplates. Interesting thing about this review also, is that they comment how spacious the case is, but they use an mATX motherboard, when the case can support a Full ATX, which […]

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Mac SlingPlayer Updated

Zatz has the scoop on the latest SlingPlayer client for Mac and a couple of Mobile phones. Sling is a great method of place shifting your content! Its a stand alone component that will stream TV or any other source to a computer or hand held device. From the article: SlingStream™ is a proprietary streaming technology specifically designed to address […]

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Scythe SCNJ-1000 Ninja heatsink


If you can pronounce the company's name, you're already a step ahead of most. But naming aside, Scythe has made a name for themselves quite quickly for having some of the most silent components for your PC. The Ninja heatsink has so many fins that it can be run completely passive (assuming your case isn't an oven to begin with). […]

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XBOX Live Marketplace vs. HD-DVD

PVRWire has the scoop on a comparison between a downloaded HD movie from the Xbox Live Marketplace and a HD-DVD movie. Looking at the screenshot, it appears that the downloaded movies do fairly well when compared to the stand alone movie. PVRWire Article: Original Article: With the current limited selection of movies available in both HD-DVD and the WMV HD […]

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HDTV Guys: Podcast #128

This weeks podcast features some tasty news bits and a couple of reviews including the Mvix HD Media Center and Sony's New Blue-ray player. Listen Here: Podcast Summary Here: We went to our local BestBuy to check out the player. The people there were very nice and helpful. They walked us over to the SONY player. It was connected to […]

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Toshiba HD-A2 HD DVD Player


Anyone with a blog named "HDTV Expert" must have a valid opinion or two on the next generation HD DVD player from Toshiba? Right? Actually. its a fairly good view of what you can expect if you purchase the HD-A2. Things look fairly good for this unti with much quicker loading times, a slimmer profile and a nicer remote. From […]

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1080p 47″ LCD For Under $2Gs

The world of 1080p just got a lot cheaper with Vizio's announcemnt of a 47" 1080p for under 2000 dollars. Thats a pretty amazing price, it almost sounds to good to be true. The company emphasizes customer support as well which is a nice touch. You can expect these budget bad boys before the Super Bowl. Hopefully we can track […]

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