Lian Li PC-C30A HTPC Case


Maybe I'm alone here, but personally I don't like the look of Lian Li HTPC cases. They're so well built, I just can't understand why they choose such bland faceplates. Interesting thing about this review also, is that they comment how spacious the case is, but they use an mATX motherboard, when the case can support a Full ATX, which is a much more common form factor.

The PC-C30A is an excellent case for media centers and enthusiasts who
wish to design their own systems with off the shelf parts. The styling
and functionality show Lian Li has gone the extra mile to design an
excellent enclosure. The HDD drive retention system, the flawless fit
and finish make this case stand out over other brands. The PC-C30A has
some minor quirks and these may never be an issue with most consumers
like the IR monitor, and USB media card reader. These can be overcome
with other brand or external devices though. All in all the PC-C30A is
fine product that would be a great addition to any entertainment system.

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