Hands On With HAVA

Finally someone got their hands on the HAVA we've heard about since early this year. Bottom line, it's not bad, but it's the first revision so it has some kinks. But hey, at least it's got some potential. (And at least it's not vaporware) First seen at CES last January, the HAVA place shifting device began shipping in August. Initially […]

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Put the Theater Back in HDTV

ExtremeTech goes high level on setting yourself up with a home theater. Pretty good if you're new to this whole thing, as they even cover some of the more common acronyms. Of course, if you're in the process of setting up a home theater, you better come brag about it in our forums! Before we dive in, we should stress […]

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PSB Alpha Speaker Reviews


These speakers come in at less than $2000. So….I guess that's considered, a little less affordable? Anyhow, HomeTheaterHiFi actually do a fairly brief review by their standards, but at least it gets you an overview if you're in the market for some speaker. PSB has succeeded in providing an excellent 5.1 system at a great price point. The speakers all […]

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SVS SBS-01 Home Theater Speaker System


I love that "affordable" means over $1000 these days 😛 But nonetheless, these are pretty decent. Just don't tell my ex that, or she'll think the $300 all-in-one set she got was just plain cheap Though unassuming, the SVS SBS-01 home theater speaker system offers great sonic performance for the money. The sats deliver smooth, unfatiguing sound that will warm […]

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Blu-Ray News

A couple of tidbits from the Blu-ray world today.  First up, Sony has released a patch for its firs PC drive that will allow it to playback BD movies. Link To Story Here: Second up, HDBlog lets us know that BenQ is shipping its Blu-ray disc recorder to Japan right now. The retail price is expected to be around $760. […]

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EH Podcast: Blu-ray, HD DVD Format War

The first podcast from Electronic House features CEPro Web Editor Jason Unger talking about the next generation format war. I have this cued up for later today, let me know what guys think of their first podcast. Listen To The Podcast: Podcast Summary Page: Featuring the latest in news, products and technologies from the connected home market, the Electronic House […]

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Sony RM-VL600 Universal Remote Control

After having the Harmony 880 for just over a year now, I don't think I could go back to a cheaper universal remote. Having a 880 for every TV in the house might be a bit impractical, so something like the Sony RM-VL600 might be a more economical solution. For a scant twenty five dollars you get a a remote […]

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Home Light COntrol Alliance Launches Website

Warrenton, VA – December 20, 2006 – Expanding their outreach via the power of the internet, the Home Lighting Control Alliance (HLCA) announced the launch of their website www.homelightingcontrol.org. The HLCA is a newly formed consortium of lighting control manufacturers, trade organizations and professional integrators who have united to promote the value and benefits of quality lighting control products. Just […]

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