Sony RM-VL600 Universal Remote Control

After having the Harmony 880 for just over a year now, I don't think I could go back to a cheaper universal remote. Having a 880 for every TV in the house might be a bit impractical, so something like the Sony RM-VL600 might be a more economical solution. For a scant twenty five dollars you get a a remote that is full capable of learning any command from any device and assigning it to any button. I suppose the litmus test for any remote is how handily it replaces the cable or sat remote your significant other is used to. Looking at the pictures I think it could do the job.

From the article:

If some concessions had to be made with the physical construction they've been
more than repaid in raw feature horsepower under the hood. For $25 the RM-VL600
gets you a lot of remote: 8 devices supporting 39 commands each, a preprogrammed
code database, full infrared learning and a dozen macros.