CQC 2.0 Released

I have been following hte devlopment of CQC since my days at HTPCNews.com and frankly it looked like it required a bit too much programming for me to be bothered. I say that, however, I have never really played with it to know if it would serve well as an out of the box solution. Perhaps I need to take […]

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Case Study: Mystique 2 By Boddaker


Here is a very detailed look at one of the best HTPC case mods I have seen in a long time. Ever since the HTPC case market really opened up we have not seen the number of mods as we have seen in the past. This particular mod takes a Coolermaster tower and converts it into a VERY functional and […]

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Monster Central Control System

Monster has tiptoed into the input and HA worlds with their release of the AVL300.  A quick glance at the shape and button layout makes me think that this would be uncomfortable for day to day use. Other then that, it appears very similar to the Harmon 890, except for a few dollars more and Z-Wave support. From the article: […]

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