CQC 2.0 Released

I have been following hte devlopment of CQC since my days at HTPCNews.com and frankly it looked like it required a bit too much programming for me to be bothered. I say that, however, I have never really played with it to know if it would serve well as an out of the box solution. Perhaps I need to take it for a test spin someday :).

Release Notes:

Media Management:

There was a massive
overhaul of the media management system in this release. There is now a
Charmed Quark specific media repository, which is managed via our own
repository management and CD ripping tool, which also provides metadata
retrieval. So you will no longer need either J.River or DVD Profiler if
you use our new repository. And you no longer require an export/import
cycle to get new data into the repository as with J.River/DVD Profiler,
since any changes made with our repository manager are immediately

As with everything in CQC, the repository manager is
network distributed so you can manage the repository from any machine
in the network, including ripping and uploading CD data. In addition,
many new features have been added to the user interface system to
provide a better media browsing experience, and a new hierarchical
layout was implemented so that you can group multi-disc sets into a
single browsable item that can be opened up to access to individual

  • We do not provide DVD ripping services, for legal reasons, but you can point our repository at externally ripped DVD files.
  • The
    existing J.River and DVD Profiler based repositories are still
    supported, but aren't able to fully benefit from all the new features.