No one cares about HD?

I gotta agree with Gizmodo, I think this is just due to frustration based on the lack of available programming. CBS isn't helping matters only televising what, a pathetic 1? 2? football games in High Definition? Lamerz. According to a recent survey by Frank N. Magid Associates, the number of people buying [HD] sets who are looking forward to watching […]

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The Content Wars

Verizon isn't taking their time on competing with the big boys. They've added some key ingredients, most notably the NFL Network which even I don't have access to. Thank you Milpitas Comcast. So Verizon’s doing well in the sports department. But don’t think that cable operators are sitting idly by. Comcast, for example, has signed a deal for extensive VOD […]

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Pioneer Elite PRO-940HD Plasma TV Review


Pioneer must have one fantastic panel if they can charge $3500 for a 1024X768 panel. Judging by its feature set, you certainly get a lot for the price tag. At the heart of this panel is everything you would come to expect from the Elite line including two HDMI inputs, dual tuners, program guide, home networking support (many formats supported), […]

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Microsoft – Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-On

Are you curious how Microsoft's HD DVD Add-on performs in a series of standard industry benchmarks? Well you are in luck, Secrets took it through its paces. Overall it performed well, but it was not on par with the big names such as Genum and Faroudja. From the article:   The performance of the add-on is very similar to the […]

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Top 10 Home Theater Gifts For Mom

You know a website is a good HT resource when they can come together with 10 HT ideas for your Mom this holiday season. I really like the idea of a nice sized plasma TV and a quality 2.1 sound system. Of course, get a few DVDs and CD's so dear ole Mom can enjoy her new present. From the […]

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