CBC declares HDTV to have “no business model”

I am somewhat disturbed by having my native country national broadcaster declare HDTV is really not worth it. I mean really, will I ever see Corner Gas in HD? THe whole premise is based around getting advertisers to pay more so they can pick up the tab to broadcast in HDTV.

From the article:

Apparently his feathers are all ruffled because advertisers
are saying that the choice to broadcast HD is "none of their business," leaving
broadcasters that do pump out that HD goodness no actual way to recoup the
costs. Although we can (kind of) see where ole Robert is coming from, claiming
that HD doesn't influence the amount of viewers (which advertisers certainly
are interested in) is a tad absurd,
and if more companies would actually offer up HD
commercials, we might actually slow
down and pay attention