Movies slow to take off online

This really doesn't surprise me much at all. Sure downloading is easy, but so is Netflix-ing, and then you have all the "pirates" who will copy their Netflix movies. Can't do that with the DRM-heavy online movies. And it's not like you save all that much money to truly make it worth the effort. But according to ABI Research, only […]

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Sharp Aquos 32″ 1080p TV: Overkill?

I know I'm always harping on price, but I tend to agree with the Gizmodo guys that $2400 is an awful lot to spend on a 32" LCD. Sure saying it has 1080p is great, but is it really necessary? The 720p version is only $899. Still a lot, sure, but a LOT less than $2400. But wait, isn't 1080p […]

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Toshiba’s HD-A2: First Impressions

Home Theater Blog has a few minutes with the latest HD-DVD Player from Toshiba, and thankfully agree with the improvements made from the first version. First off the new player loads much faster than the HD-A1 or HD-XA1, I’ve read reports that clocked load times at or under 30 seconds (roughly half the time of the A1) but my own […]

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MTV, BET renew Time Warner Cable carriage deal


Thank god, now you will never have to miss an episode of the Real World! Because, lord knows their programming is so diverse that they NEVER repeat episodes The deal includes on-demand programming. Time Warner cable also will expand distribution of gay and lesbian network LOGO and launch music-centric high-definition television channel MHD. Read the rest here. 

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Tongue Out

With a sexy name like that, how could you NOT want to buy it??? It's not ridiculously expensive, but for $3300, a lot of people want something thinner. But if you can sacrifice, apparently the picture quality is worth talking about. The HD-61FN97 is a 61" 1080p RPTV that retails for $3,299. While very similar to last year's model, the […]

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Engadget HD Review: Panasonic PT-AX100U


I'm sure there's SOMETHING wrong with this unit, but if there is, the guys at Engadget sure can't figure it out. They kinda like this sub-$3000 projector, and there seems to be plenty to like. Let me just say right off the bat that this Panasonic projector is outstanding and if your looking for a review filled with negativity, this […]

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HDHomeRun Review

Speaking of HDHomeRun reviews, DVRplayground has posted one up as well :). You know our thoughts on the subject, its one kick ass tuner! You now have a couple of reviews on the product! So what are you waiting for? Get of your tush and start reading! From the article: The picture quality using the HDHomeRun with MythTV was quite […]

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