Tongue Out

With a sexy name like that, how could you NOT want to buy it??? It's not ridiculously expensive, but for $3300, a lot of people want something thinner. But if you can sacrifice, apparently the picture quality is worth talking about.

The HD-61FN97 is a 61" 1080p RPTV that retails for $3,299. While very
similar to last year's model, the new set can accept 1080p sources over
HDMI (anticipating Blu-ray and HD DVD discs) and has a continuously
variable iris control rather than the three-step iris switch of the
past. The iris also changes dynamically depending on the brightness of
the image unless Dynamic mode is selected. An optical iris, which
"stops down" light output in much the same way a camera's iris does, is
essential for getting dark blacks from current LCoS technology.




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