Antec Fusion Review


More of an addendum to their NSK2400 case, SilentPCReview got their hands & give their take on an Antec Fusion Case. I've seen this case up close, and it's really quite nice. My only gripe is that it can only support mATX motherboards. Back in April, we mentioned that the NSK2400 would be joined by a high end cousin called […]

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Is HDMI 1.3 worth waiting for?

A lot of people are waiting on making the next big purchase just for HDMI 1.3. Thats the problem with technology, there is always something around the corner. Is it worth waiting for? Buzz words such as Deep Color and True HD audio certainly make it sound worth it. Read on to see if it actually is.  From the article: […]

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8 features to make media centers mainstream

Floppyhead has a rather nice article about what it'll take for Media Centers to be mainstream. No doubt they're getting much closer than ever before, and I agree with most of his points….except not sure how huge "storage of movies" is to the mainstream audience. HDTV reception and recording A plug and play interface Storage of movies Media extenders without […]

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Ricavision’s Vista MCE SideShow Remote


The remote gods clearly are smiling down on us today. Just saw news of yet another Vista MCE Sideshow-compatible remote. The more of these I see, the more I want one! Maybe these will finally push me over the edge to switch to Vista? That gives you a 100-meter (or so) operating radius when coupled with the included USB RC6 […]

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Top 10 time-shifted programs of 2006

Pretty scary to see American Idol dominate the top 2 positions here, in fact, reality TV has the Top 3 marks. I guess people haven't heard about Lost, Prison Break or Nip/Tuck. And where's Thursday Night Football?!??! Surely limiting availability of NFL Network to 50 people would put that on top, no?!?! AMERICAN IDOL-TUESDAY FOX 17.7 AMERICAN IDOL-WEDNESDAY FOX 17.2 […]

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BBC moves to file-sharing sites

While not entirely home theater related, the idea of a television network reaching this type of agreement is fantastic. But it's no surprise to me, as the UK in general has quite a large audience for their shows around the world, and this is just another means for them to expand their reach. Bravo for not fearing technology! The new […]

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Official(?) Windows Vista MCE Remotes


It appears we've finally got some official information regarding Vista MCE Remotes! But as you'll see below….they brought back the ugly!! 😛 But luckily the further you go down it gets better. Maybe they just *want* people to upgrade to more expensive Sideshow ones like Interlink's which just look soooo nice.     Check out the rest of the Windows […]

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