Interlink First to Announce SideShow Remote for Vista Media Center

Interlink, a company who apparently is a large OEM remote maker, is
the first company to announce a SideShow remote. The beauty of this
remote is that small bits of MCE data will make it back to the remote.
Things like recorded shows, guide data etc will be available for
browsing on the remote. I am awaiting Harmony's attempt and utlizing
this data.

From the article:

Interlink says that its SlideLink SideShow-enabled remote will let customers
"select songs, schedule recordings, navigate video clips and photographs,
display TV program guides and even browse recorded TV shows–all right on the

Indeed, Microsoft has swung a deal
with its EPG provider TMS
(Tribune Media Services) to extend the TV guide to
remote devices via SideShow, no licensing hassles involved.