TiVo recording delete screen adverts are live


I'm still not sure how to feel about this. I understand what PVR Wire are saying in that users already pay a fee, they shouldn't have to endure extra ads. BUT, that being said, the ads are pretty non-intrusive, and have you looked at TiVo's latest numbers? They're not making money, so assuming you don't want to see the lifetime […]

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The Windows Media Center Show #87 – Tim Cutting

Well, it's Thursday, so you know what that means. Another episode of the Media Center Show with Ian Dixon. This week up, he's got Tim Cutting, the CEO of Niveus, which are making some nice Media Centers these days. Show Times: 00:41 Coming up this week 01:16 Vista XBOX 360 Extender screen saver problems, see HERE 02:09 Media Center Extender’s and […]

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BT launches new broadband TV service

Interesting idea, where they're taking an a la carte method of on-demand. I don't know though, the prices aren't the cheapest, but at least they're making some agreements with some media companies, possibly getting them some exclusive content in the future. BT Vision is delivered through a new set-top box, dubbed the V-box. This device contains an HD Ready personal […]

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Sony VPL-VW50 Projector Review


Not the most glowing review, but not bad either. And for a Sony, it's pretty affordable at $4000, so at least worth a second look. The Sony VPL-VW50 (Pearl) projector packs quite a punch – it's a new level of performance and resolution at an affordable price, but is definitely not perfect. Details can be lost in mixed bright/dark scenes. […]

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GIft For Your Kids!

PVRWire has a good gift idea for the budding PVR enthusiast in your life. I have seen a few good gadgets come from the likes of Disney and others. Speaking from personal experience (10 month old baby), having the right TV show at the right time can mean the difference between a calm kid and well.. parents know the rest […]

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Lewis launches new multi-room AV server


Its always hard to tell what a "Media Server" will cost these days. It seems like it can range from $500 to $15000. Thankfully, Lewis' new Media Center box is around the $1000 mark. Its clearly a MCE machine with a very nice looking case. However, it talks a lot about Media Distribution, which I assume is just using extenders […]

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Top 10 Home Theater Gifts For Dad

Are you looking for a few last week gifts for dear old Dad? About.com has you covered with 10 gifts that should make any proud Papa smile. All in all the least is pretty good. However, I would have a few more items dedicated to a QUALITY out of the box sounding speaker set and receiver. I am sorry to […]

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Monster Cable Fires 120 People

Monster is getting a very bad rap these days, I am not sure how longer it will be before it hits the general public. With news stories of them firing 120 people, its certainly not helping the cause.  From the article: Recent layoffs at Monster Cable have led to some bad local TV press for the company, inciting one San […]

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Unexpected Remodel Spurs Tuscan Dream House

I love reading about Home Theater remodels and the story behind them. They need to have a show like that on HGTV and then maybe my wife could get me to watch it more. That's the ticket! HT Design in HD! All kidding aside, if you are looking for a few ideas on  your Home Theater project, Electronic House's most […]

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