BT launches new broadband TV service

Interesting idea, where they're taking an a la carte method of on-demand. I don't know though, the prices aren't the cheapest, but at least they're making some agreements with some media companies, possibly getting them some exclusive content in the future.

BT Vision is delivered through a new set-top box, dubbed the V-box.
This device contains an HD Ready personal video recorder (PVR) able to
store up to 80 hours of content, pause or rewind live TV and record
programmes at the touch of a button. It's worth £199, but will be given
free to existing and new customers who sign up to a new contract with
BT Total Broadband. There will be an installation charge of £60 to have
the box installed by a BT engineer, however, plus a one-off connection
charge of £30.

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