The Windows Media Center Show #87 – Tim Cutting

Well, it's Thursday, so you know what that means. Another episode of the Media Center Show with Ian Dixon. This week up, he's got Tim Cutting, the CEO of Niveus, which are making some nice Media Centers these days.

Show Times:
00:41 Coming up this week
01:16 Vista XBOX 360 Extender screen saver problems, see HERE
02:09 Media Center Extender’s and PC spec
03:59 Question on Sky from the forums
05:10 Charlie Owen on Why Our Look & Feel Isn’t Available To Applications 06:30 Big Screen TV– The weekly Nial spot!
07:50 My Movies update
08:15 Vote in the Media Center Show awards
08:40 New Media Center Show Extra out soon
08:45 New Version of mceBackup out soon
10:00 A message from Onevoice
10:50 Welcome back to Tim
11:15 Recap on Niveus
12:40 Media Server not a PC
16:58 Certification
18:00 Connections and back panel
21:55 what is new?
23:00 Rack version
26:00 DVD server
30:25 Managed Copy on HD-DVD
31:40 Info on HD-DVD
36:00 State of the next gen DVD war
38:00 Cablecard
41:00 Cablelab Certification process
44:00 How it works
48:00 No more irblasters!
52:00 Niveus Cablecard Readiness
54:30 Vista
56:30 Companion Software
1:00:00 Thanks to Tim
1:01:00 Words and Music by Ian Dixon

Check out the show here