Unexpected Remodel Spurs Tuscan Dream House

I love reading about Home Theater remodels and the story behind them. They need to have a show like that on HGTV and then maybe my wife could get me to watch it more. That's the ticket! HT Design in HD! All kidding aside, if you are looking for a few ideas on  your Home Theater project, Electronic House's most recent article is a good place to start.

From the article:

Remarkably, the Curcios never go near that gear. Instead, they grab the
nearest portable Crestron touchpanel to select the songs they want to hear. The
interactive touchpanel shows them the album covers and the song titles of their
entire CD collection, which is stored digitally on an Escient FireBall hard
drive. The family can search for music by artist or genre or alphabetically.

They follow a similar routine for selecting movies. The touchpanel shows them
the flicks available on their Sony 400-disc DVD player, they touch the movie
they want, choose the TV they want to view it on, and
viola, the show
starts. Just as easily, they can use a Crestron touchpanel to create a
combination of music and video. “Sometimes we’ll watch a Cubs game and listen to
music in the same room,” Sheryl explains.