The Media Center Show #88 – Mike Newell (Microsoft)

It's thursday again, and right on schedule, Ian Dixon has released another excellent Media Center Show Podcast. This week, Ian grills Mike Newell, a Program Manager for the eHome team, and they talk about all sorts of things. The eHome team has always been great at being open with the community, so it's good to see they're not shy either 😉

Show Times:

00:34 Coming up this week
01:30 mceBackup 2.0
02:34 Please leave feedback for mceBackup 2.0 here
04:17 Still time to vote in the Media Center Show Awards
04:29 A new Media Center Extra show out soon
04:51 A message from Onevoice
05:45 Welcome to Mark
06:00 Mark’s background
06:32 The Vision of the Media Center
09:09 In the early days
11:40 Features v ease of use
15:20 How the UI has changed
17:50 The new left to right UI of Vista Media Center
25:30 The new Start Menu in Media Center
28:34 My Music in Vista Media Center
33:00 Albums v Singles
35:09 Viewing music by year
38:33 Most used functions in Media Center
44:00 Tags on Photos
50:00 Mark’s favorite feature of Vista
52:18 What happens when you Send an error report
59:09 What is coming now Vista is complete
01:02 Get your questions in to the show
1:03:00 See you in the New Year

Check out the podcast here