Is HDMI 1.3 worth waiting for?

A lot of people are waiting on making the next big purchase just for HDMI 1.3. Thats the problem with technology, there is always something around the corner. Is it worth waiting for? Buzz words such as Deep Color and True HD audio certainly make it sound worth it. Read on to see if it actually is. 

From the article:

On the audio front, the question is a little more vague. The HDMI
implementation on current A/V receivers leaves a lot to be desired,
especially if you're trying to get the best possible audio from the
latest crop of HD-DVD and Blu-ray players. The idea of an HDMI
1.3-enabled receiver with onboard Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, and
DTS-HD Master Audio decoding would–again, theoretically–help simplify
the situation. But the improvement in sound quality is likely to be
appreciated only by discriminating audiophiles, and it will,
presumably, require an HDMI 1.3-enabled player as well. Moreover,
current Blu-ray/HD-DVD players and receivers can already access these
better-sounding soundtracks–you just need to dive into the menus and
toggle the correct settings on the player and the receiver (linear PCM
output over HDMI