Sharp Aquos 32″ 1080p TV: Overkill?

I know I'm always harping on price, but I tend to agree with the Gizmodo guys that $2400 is an awful lot to spend on a 32" LCD. Sure saying it has 1080p is great, but is it really necessary? The 720p version is only $899. Still a lot, sure, but a LOT less than $2400.

But wait, isn't 1080p overkill when you're talking about a 32-inch
screen size? Don't get us wrong; we're big fans of 1080p resolution,
but when you get down to a screen size less than around 42 inches,
1080p is hardly necessary or even detectable unless you're going to be
sitting just a few feet away from the set. Better get some new glasses
so you can have 20/10 vision in both eyes if you're thinking these
32-inch Aquos sets' $2399 price is worth it.

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