HDHomeRun Review

Speaking of HDHomeRun reviews, DVRplayground has posted one up as well :). You know our thoughts on the subject, its one kick ass tuner! You now have a couple of reviews on the product! So what are you waiting for? Get of your tush and start reading!

From the article:

The picture quality using the HDHomeRun with MythTV was quite impressive. Using the same PBS HD channel above, I noticed a few hiccups upon first launching MythTV, but those were most likely due to the fact that I was running both the Myth backend and frontend on my Dell laptop. After a few seconds, the hiccups went away, and the picture was smooth and clear; I noticed none of the "scan lines" that were noted above with VLC.

Note for QAM (digital cable) users: In order for QAM to work with the HDHomeRun and MythTV, you need to be using the "0.20 fixes" version of MythTV, not the "0.20 first release" version. More on that issue here.