DVRs could cost networks $600 million in 2007, but failing to understand them will cost more

Nice article from the folks at Ars. I think it's preposterous as they don't take into account that there's a lot of shows people wouldn't even watch if not for their DVRs–Damn you real world! 🙂

There are myriad conveniences wrought by the DVR, but few are those who
say that they don't love the ability to zip past annoying commercials
or—more generally—control their viewing experience. The rift between
the TV networks and advertisers is in some ways surprising, because the
two are fighting over how to count the slice of DVR users who
use DVRs
in this manner.
It basically boils down to an argument over whether or not DVR users
who don't appear to skip commercials are eyeballs worth paying for, but
the argument fails to consider the larger issue of
why these usage patterns are arising in the first place.

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