Monster Central Control System

Monster has tiptoed into the input and HA worlds with their release of the AVL300.  A quick glance at the shape and button layout makes me think that this would be uncomfortable for day to day use. Other then that, it appears very similar to the Harmon 890, except for a few dollars more and Z-Wave support.

From the article:

In creating AVL300 Monster Cable partnered with Logitech while they
were developing the RF-based Harmony 890 and brought them the Z-Wave
lighting protocol. Logitech was originally working with the Cypress RF
chips used in URC remotes, but Monster’s partnership with Z-Wave and
the launch of the Monster Lighting products was the extra incentive the
product designers needed to incorporate the Z-wave technology. Monster
Central basically leveraged Logitech’s Harmony database and set-up
infrastructure and jointly developed a MONSTER. The Monster AVL300
remote is not only capable of providing a complete control solution for
your entire AV system, it has also been complemented by Monster’s
Central Control System for multi-room RF capability and advanced
lighting control.