Thermaltake Mozart TX Entertainment Center


Definitely a very unique case here from Thermaltake. I consider it…like the Winnebago of cases, as it can do basically everything anybody could ever need a computer to be…at least twice! But judge for yourself if this gigantic case is worthy of your living room. Even an optional 7" LCD…if that's your sort of thing.

…I do like the idea, design and
layout of the case. I just think that it could have been better
engineered to make things easier overall for the end user, and when you
think that the case will run around $250 or so for the version I
reviewed, it should be pretty close to perfect in my opinion.

I recommend the case, I’ll have to say yes with a few reservations. As
long as the person understands the issues with the case, but I’d still
like to see Thermaltake come out with a revised version sometime in the
near future.



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