HDTV Guys: Podcast #128

This weeks podcast features some tasty news bits and a couple of reviews including the Mvix HD Media Center and Sony's New Blue-ray player.

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Podcast Summary Here:

We went to our local BestBuy to check out the player. The people there were very
nice and helpful. They walked us over to the SONY player. It was connected to a
46 inch SONY 1080p BRAVIA LCD TV. We immediately asked permission to take the TV
off its default settings and do some very quick adjustments. Those standing
nearby made a comment on how the TV looked better. We almost started a clinic on
setting up TVs but we were guests in a store and we didn't want to become
unwelcome guests, so we dove in. We powered the player off and started from a
dead stop. It took the unit about 20 seconds to come up. A bit slow but nothing
that would cause you to say I can't live with this player. Blu Ray and regular
DVDs took about three to five seconds to display their menus on screen.
Navigation is quick and snappy. On this particular unit it seemed faster than a
regular DVD player. When you hit play the movie would start immediately for both
Blu Ray Disc and DVD.