Get the Best Picture From Your HDTV

If your friends are too cheap to have their HDTV's professionally calibrated, and don't want to buy an HDTV Calibration DVD…then they shouldn't have bought an HDTV! Just kidding! 🙂 But lucky for them, people are here to help with some useful problems & solutions for HDTV Owners.

Just about everyone has had the experience of visiting friends or relatives when there happens to be a TV on in the room. If you're like me — and I assume most audio-video enthusiasts have this reaction to a greater or lesser degree — you see your host's TV or video display and think, "Why are they running the skin tones so red! All it needs is a little adjustment, and it's so annoying. Should I speak up or will my host interpret this as unsolicited criticism?" (probably!)  

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