Onix Strata Mini Floor-Standing Speakers

Home Theater And High Fidelity has the Onix Strata speakers up on the old test bench this week. Interestingly enough, each speaker includes a 8"  350 watt powered 8" subwoofer on each speaker. The speakers seem to garner a great review from the reviewer. The MSRP is currently $1500 and will go up after the new year to just under $2000.

From the article:

The Strata Minis need plenty of power, just as most other planar speakers do. I would suggest at least 100 watts per channel. You could play them with low powered amplifiers, but just not really loud. If I were going to put these into a home theater system, I would use an SSP and one of the 200 watt per channel multi-channel power amplifiers that are out there.