Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard Review


I remember when this device was first shown, it was so slick & sleek, I wanted one, but just couldn't justify spending $200 on a keyboard (with some mouse functions, sure). Well, maybe this review will convince you to splurge on a late Christmas present.

Pricing aside I can honestly say there is little to complain about with
this keyboard on the hardware end.  It works flawlessly without lag and
incorporates several outstanding features that are invaluable when used
in a media center environment.  The Touchdisc and Mouse function
buttons are great for working on the web even for forum lurking.  The
media controls are simple and effective for basic entertainment control
and for general typing the key response is nice and makes very little
noise.   All in all I would say if you can afford it I would highly
recommend this keyboard. 


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