Millions Complain About New Holiday HDTV Sets

Moving from the family's 27" CRT TV to a 55" HDTV can be described in a few steps.

1. WOW! That TV looks bigger then in the store! I can't wait to set it up.

2. WOW! I just plugged in my standard cable it all looks so big.

3. mmm The quality kind of stinks… I thought it was supposed to be better

4. My TV seems to be shrinking…

This has happened to over 19 million people since upgrading to an HDTV!

From the article:


About 19.5
million consumers who recently purchased digital television sets are
complaining about the quality. Many who bought the new and improved
televisions were stunned to take their new purchase home only to
realize they're not that different from regular conventional sets.

A spokesman for Consumer Electronics said on Sunday that many even believe the quality image is worse.