Crestron News Releases

Remote Shoppe has several Crestron press releases today.

Crestron introduces a two way iPod interface: Link

Crestron introduces the CEN-IDOC, the first 2-way iPod interface, truly
replicating the iPod experience on any Crestron touchpanel. Integrating the iPod
into home audio systems is one of the hottest trends in the industry. Until now,
consumers were unable to manage their music libraries, view play lists, or
select music by artist, CD or song when connected to a home audio distribution
system. Using 2-way communication, the CEN-IDOC reproduces the iPod experience
on Crestron touchpanels. Crestron provides a graphical interface that duplicates
the iPod display, and, leveraging the larger screen of the touchpanel, offers an
enhanced view. The expanded view displays multiple sortable fields such as
artist name, song title and CD title on a single screen. Crestron's CEN-IDOC
provides full iPod functionality allowing users to do everything that they can
do from their iPod and more from a whole house audio system via a Crestron

Crestron introduces new WI-FI touchpanel: Link

Crestron introduces its new Isys i/O™ TPMC-8X WiFi touchpanel, featuring an
embedded Windows XP Operating System that provides secure onboard PC
functionality including 802.11a/b/g wireless capabilities. TPMC-8X features
high-speed performance in a sleek magnesium alloy casing, providing the
thinnest, lightest most durable mobile touchpanel available. TPMC-8X offers a
brilliant 8.4" SVGA screen, displaying 3D graphics and streaming video; and
features built-in Bluetooth® technology, Skype™ Voice-over-IP, AuthenTec
biometric scanner, stereo speaker system and microphone; and supports Yahoo!
Widgets and Dyanamic Navigation.

Crestron Introduces Adagio Home Entertainment Solutions: Link

Crestron launched Adagio, an innovative new line of home entertainment solutions
in 2006. Adagio racked up 7 awards this year including "Product of the Year,"
"Best Audio Distribution System," and Sound & Vision's "Editor's Choice
Award." Adagio is the first Crestron solution offering out of the box
functionality without any programming or configuration required. Adagio is a
true plug-and-play solution that consists of several products including whole
house audio distribution, home entertainment system, digital audio server and
audio room expander. Individual Adagio systems may be packaged with Crestron
keypads or LCD panels for expanded control. Adagio has a 2-Series engine
built-in to accommodate Crestron control systems to make Adagio part of a
complete integrated automation solution, including iPod® interfaces on
touchpanels, infiNET™ wireless dimmers, and HVAC control.