The HDTV Dilemma:Pay for TiVo’s Recorder

Wall Street Journal goes into a little analysis regarding whether one should pay for TiVo or use the cable company's DVR boxes. Kinda common sense really, TiVo better be better for $600 box & $13/mo compared to the Cable Co's $10/mo fee. And it is, but is it *that* much better to balance out the cost? Hopefully it at least pushes the Cable Co's to improve their product.

The worst problem is that the Comcast box flubs the basic functions of
a DVR. It is maddeningly slow at responding to commands sent by the
remote control to pause, play, fast-forward and rewind. You press pause
and nothing happens. So you press it again. You try to return to normal
speed after fast-forwarding through commercials and the unit takes so
long to obey your command that you badly overshoot the resumption of
the program. 

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