Vizio VX37L HDTV

Is the old adage true? You get what you pay for? It really doesn't seem to be holding true with the budget LCD market. I certainly have not heard about mass problems or extremely poor quality. In fact, I have been enjoying my Syntax 27" for more then a year. CNET seems to agree that they are a decent value but you will notice a difference by spending the extra greenbacks on quality TV.

From the article:

The array of conveniences, atypically complete for an inexpensive HDTV,
begins with a versatile picture-in-picture function, allowing you to
view two inputs or channels simultaneously. You can also conjure two
same-sized images side-by-side or go with the standard smaller inset
image. Naturally, the VX37L includes an HDTV tuner that can grab over-the-air high-def and digital channels. A viewer can also cycle through three aspect-ratio modes with HD sources and select a fourth, panorama, with standard-def sources.