MythTV Reloaded – Day 13

Ok, after a good night sleep I have cooled down enough to be productive again.  I decided to reinstall Fedora 15, this time using KDE as the desktop instead of Gnome.  I’m sure that if I had dug into it far enough I could have figured out how to resolve the windowing issues that I was facing.  Maybe there was […]

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Sony Finds Synergy with PlayStation Home and Crackle

Crackle on Home

Sony builds the PlayStation 3 which comes with PlayStation Home, the virtual hub where gamers can gather to play games, chat, and hang out while watching movies and listening to music. Sony also owns Crackle, a media streaming service that primarily serves up movies and TV shows produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Sony Pictures Loot, the internal Sony group in […]

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Boxee Box gets SlingPlayer App

Just on the heels of the SlingPlayer integration into Facebook, and addin to Google Chrome, Boxee Box is the latest recipient of the SlingPlayer application. Soon SlingPlayer will have apps to a many other connected devices but for now you can load up the SlingPlayer app on your Boxee box and get live streaming video. This is an interesting aspect. […]

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Xbox Live update coming on December 6th

The long await Xbox Live fall update is just around the corner. For those lucky few who got in on the early release of the update, you will soon get access to apps, streaming and Xbox TV. In a few short weeks, on December 6th you will have access to the Xbox Live fall update. I for one am looking […]

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MythTV Reloaded – Day 12

Ok, it seems that every time I take a step forward I also take one back.  So before jumping into setting up the remote I decided to take a quick spin through the desktop and then MythTV to make sure the basics still work.  Now I’m very glad I did that.  I don’t know exactly what’s going on here because […]

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My Movies enables PDF reports of your movie collection

Not really much to say here that the title already didn’t cover, but My Movies collection manager has been updated and one interesting new feature is the ability to generate PDF reports of your movie collection. Some times it isn’t conducive to guests to scroll through your movie collection on the big screen and thus is just easier to hand […]

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Tru3D Active-to-Passive 3D Polarizer Add-on Review

Tru 3D Hero

For those of you who have a active 3D projector and are feeling a deep yearning desire to transform it into a passive 3D projector, Tru3D has released a solution for you. For the low price of $1,499.99, the Tru3D converter automatically polarizes the light leaving the projector such that all that is required for viewing is a standard pair of […]

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MythTV Reloaded – Day 11

Welcome back to another exciting entry into what should have been a well planned out and straight forward upgrade from MythTV 0.21 to MythTV 0.24.  Here’s a recap: 1) Upgraded the backend 2) “Upgraded” the frontend 3) Got MythTV working on Windows 4) Performed integration testing 5) Failed integration testing – Frontend no workey.  X-Windows doesn’t load, then no remote […]

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TiVo Goes HTPC

When choosing the perfect chassis for a home theater PC (HTPC), something that is more “consumer electronics” (CE) looking is often desired. Missing Remote reader, Kirby Baker, didn’t just buy off the shelf in his quest. He modified a TiVo Series 1 chassis and built an extremely capable HTPC inside. Kirby did an awesome job and it is a lot of fun […]

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