DVBLink Plays Nice with iOS and MediaPortal

DVBLink Logo

It’s been a busy month for the folks at DVBLogic. Earlier this month they announced the release of their DVBLink v4 products which included ATSC support, the DVBLink Connect! Server for streaming live TV to mobile devices and DLNA devices, and a new API for building 3rd party DVBLink clients.


Now DVBLogic has announced the release of an iOS client for DVBLink v4.

DVBLogic’sDVBLink iOS clientis available in Apple’sAppStore. The app works with DVBLink Connect Server! and is compatible with iPhone, iPad andiPodTouch.

With the app you can watch live TV, browse the EPG, manage recordings and view program details.



At the same time, the community of DVBLink users have been getting busy in the DVBLogic forums, working out how to configure MediaPortal as a client for DVBLink.

Over on DVBLogic’s forums there is a guide on how to use MediaPortal with DVBLink, if you have MediaPortal and want to get access to DVBLink features you will need to follow their detailed guide.