Digital Living Network Alliance Video Collection Shows DLNA Made Easy


DLNA can be tricky. For one thing, it’s a tricky acronym. It can also be difficult to explain the concept to the uninitiated. Fearful that the world might end up describing DLNA as being kind of like AirPlay, the Digital Living Network Alliance has put together a series of videos on their YouTube channel to explain DLNA and demonstrate how it works. 

The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) has been making an effort to show how easy it is for consumers to connect and enjoy their digital content, including photos, video and music, regardless of manufacturer. 


These are not glitzy commercials. These are hardcore “educational” videos hosted by a woman who looks like my insurance agent. The videos do actually show DLNA in action, but the target audience is definitely not the average HTPC afficianado. It might be fun though to use DLNA to beam the videos to the TV for our parents.