January 26th Blu-ray Releases

The slow year continues for Blu-ray releases. If you feel like something gruesome, Saw VI continues the seemingly neverending storyline. Surrogates with Bruce Willis didn’t get much attention in the theaters, and for a reason, I wasn’t that impressed but there were some nice action sequences. Just makes our pick of the week that much easier to choose.

MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week


Released shortly after the King of Pop’s unexpected death, This is It is basically a behind the scenes documentary on the prepartions of Michael Jackson’s planned final tour. Lots of good footage is here and I found it to be fairly compelling stuff. Just be prepared, if you do not like Michael Jackson and his music, there is no way you will like the movie, as there is a lot….a lot….of his music going on in the film. I found it to be pretty good, a good tribute to one of the greatest musicians ever.