Analysts Say Netflix Streams Embolden Studios, Digital Window

I would invite these analysts to visit our forums with actual Netflix users. From what I’ve been following, a lot of you subscribers are basically unaffected by this decision. I think what’s more interesting is the specific call out against Blockbuster, more so than addressing the ever growing RedBox kiosks. Time will tell here.

“The new release window may erode Netflix’s market share in favor of Redbox in the future, as the latter can secure new titles through retail workarounds,” Pachter said in a Jan. 25 note. The analyst said he projects Netflix’s revenue growth to fall below 20% over the next several years, with downward pressure on average revenue per subscriber as increasing numbers of members join just for streaming and not DVD/Blu-ray Disc rentals. Pachter, who maintains an “underperform” rating on Netflix shares, still expects the service’s recent consumer electronics partnerships to drive 750,000 new annual subscribers.“We think that subscriber growth swelled at year-end at the expense of Blockbuster,” he said.