Oppo BDP-80 Universal Blu-ray Player First Look


Audioholics, the group that uncovered the truth about the Lexicon scam of blu-ray players, takes a first look at the just announced new BDP-80 even more affordable Blu-ray player from Oppo. Sounds like a fantastic player if you can’t afford the amazing BDP-83 for $500.



The differences are fairly substantive but are well chosen in our opinion. The older BDP-83 player definitely was geared for someone that wanted everything. The new BDP-80 player is for the user that has a lot but wants a box with universal capabilities. The main difference is the video processing. While the BDP-83 has an ABT2010 with VRS by Anchor Bay Technology onboard processor which scored a remarkable 110 out of 130 on the HQV test, the BDP-80 has a proprietary processor which will most certainly provide significantly reduced video performance. Will this matter for Blu-ray and SACD/DVD-A playback? Not really (if at all) but it will affect how good DVDs will look on your big screen.