February 2nd Blu-ray Releases

After a slow start to the year, February starts off with a ton of new Blu-ray releases. A lot of these are remastered for Blu-ray and we have a lot of classics here…from Gangs of New York, to Casablanca, to Godfather. Not too many actually new movies here, with the exception of Love Happens and a few others. I must add, at fear of getting objects thrown my way…if you are feeling nostalgic and enjoyed the original, Universal Soldier 3 was…*gasp*…actually entertaining. Dolph and Van Damme return in their roles and make for a fairly entertaining ride. 

MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week


While not too many new choices, I think Zombie Land would have been my pick on most weeks anyways. The plot is nothing new–the world is ending and people have turned into zombies–but I found the narration by Eisenberg was quite humerous. Of course there’s plenty of blood and gore here, but it’s a pretty fun ride with plenty of laughs…especially the cameo of Bill Murray. I won’t say more to that to keep it a surprise, but if you enjoyed Shaun of the Dead, you will almost certainly enjoy Zombie Land.