Storage Basement Becomes Theater Hangout


I love the layout of this "man pad" but could do without the sofas which I think stick out like a sore thumb. And maybe it’s just the pictures, but there sure seems to be a lot of light to have a front projection unit on the screen. But hey, I’m not an installer so what do I know. I’ll still take that pool table!



“We went over his wish list … he wanted a room that was very good acoustically as well as an entertainment room for family and guest,” says WHAV’s Chris Boyer. “We decided on using a 100-inch Stewart screen and a Panasonic AE2000U projector for the theater along with doing some acoustical system with the drywall. We were also a little concerned with fan noise from the projector and built an opening in the trey ceiling for it to reside to reduce this burdensome hum.”