MediaPortal 1.1.0 BETA 1


MediaPortal is a fantastic open source media center application that has been in development for quite some time. In preparation of a new version they have released an initial beta release which has a wealth of features and improvements. Here’s the short list:

Major changes in this BETA are:

    * WebEPG is now included as a plugin for TV-Server
    * RTSP Streaming IP can be changed in TV-Server configuration
      (This is useful if the default port is in use by any other application.)
    * New OSD’s have been slightly reworked and finished
    * TV-Server configuration has been reworked in some areas to enhance the usability, like new tuningformats and simplified scan dialog
    * Options have been added to TV-Server and MediaPortal Configuration to allow to disable and enable Microsoft MediaCenter Services
      (This is required for TV-Server and Microsoft MCE Remote to work properly.)
    * Various memory leaks have been fixed in MediaPortal
    * Various fixes for the Topbar in MediaPortal
    * Improved Windows 7 compatibillity
    * Solved problems caused by IPv6 in TV-Server (only IPv4 is supported!)
    * Added dvb-s2 support for ProfRed Cards
    * Added CI menu support for Twinhan/Terratec cards
    * Improved TV error handling for better user experience
    * CI menu and messages are automatically enabled now
    * A few more features have been added to the SkinEngine
    * Audio seek with different speeds for BASS player
    * E-AC3 / DD+ audio stream type support for TV

 Read the full list and download at MediaPortal .