10 things you need to know about HDMI 1.4

We heard rumors of this new 1.4 specification to cause massive headaches all around. I see a lot of nice features here but nothing that makes me think the integration with HTPC’s is going to be any less of a disaster. Luckily these aren’t scheduled until mid-2010, so maybe by then we’ll finally have a rock solid 1.3 solution to throw away.


The official word from HDMI.org is that "most of the new features introduced in HDMI 1.4 will require a new HDMI chip to enable, and cannot be upgraded via firmware." That said, with 3D TV in its infancy and 720p/1080p HD TV only just gaining a consumer foothold, HDMI 1.3 still delivers the goods. You could argue that you don’t even need an integrated data channel, as new TVs and set-top boxes are now including Ethernet jacks as standard.